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I came to Cindy as an overwhelmed creative entrepreneur with so many ideas for possible projects! Cindy helped me clarify where to put my energies first and which project to focus on that was not only doable in a short amount of time, but also would bring in much needed cash to my business. We broke the project in to manageable steps, she gave me tools and resources and the encouragement I needed when I doubted my abilities. I now have a signature program product that I had dreamed about creating for years. I’m now earning passive income, and I leveraged that program to sell 15 group coaching slots and additional private coaching, to reach my first 5 figure month

Amy Schoen,

Without Cindy I know my business wouldn’t be where it is today. She helped me find my niche, and develop everything I need to build my list and sell my services. She helped me create marketing messages that appeal to my ideal client and are authentic to me, and showed me how to monetize so I can leverage my time and earn more. Cindy is always willing to go the extra mile to make sure her clients are happy and successful in what they do. It’s my pleasure to recommend Cindy to anyone who is searching for their niche, trying to market their program or service, or wants support learning how to pull all the pieces together.

Kimberley Seitz, Ph.D.,

Working with Cindy has been invaluable. She is highly skilled at developing my ability to look at my business with both a telescopic and a microscopic lens. While she is brilliant at creating programs, she makes sure my vision of a program remains tied to the bigger strategic picture. She has also cut through all the information swirling in my head, to help me zero in on the strategies that would be the most advantageous for me at each stage. Cindy urged me to offer a different type of coaching package for my clients, despite my initial hesitation. The first week I followed her advice, I sold $10K in coaching. Cindy is unfailingly generous with sharing her resources and her time. I especially value her direct style of communicating, which is right on target and keeps me moving forward in the right direction.

Bonnie Mincu,

Before working with Cindy, I was so frustrated because I had been trying to find my niche for a year and a half. I had no message and was a generalist. Cindy quickly helped me figure out my niche and create my message. Now, I’m getting retainers for $20,000 and more. I highly recommend working with Cindy. With the investment in your self and by taken action, miracles will happen before your very eyes.

Nicky Stansbury,

Coaching with Cindy is a wonderful experience. Not only has she helped me to get clarity on my niche, her generous nature and strategic approach has brought great success in my practice. A very powerful thing I have learned from Cindy, is that it is perfectly okay to be authentic, open and yes…even vulnerable. She has helped me grow within myself and that has led to my practice growing as well. I am now attracting only ideal clients and the direct effect of that is…happy clients who get the results they want. Thank you Cindy, you are just amazing and thank you for helping me become more successful

Toy Joubert,

When I first started working with Cindy, I was overwhelmed and burnt-out! Cindy helped me go from dollars per hour to programs sold. Since working with Cindy, I've already attracted 16 new long term clients thanks to my new messaging and am creating new programs so I can earn more leveraged income. Cindy is very caring; this is evident in every conversation and email exchange that I have with her. She is very giving with her resources and has an amazing talent of taking my ideas and simplifying them into manageable action steps.

Bonnie Giller,,

Cindy has an amazing ability to get straight to the heart of the problem when she coaches a client! I love watching her challenge clients to go beyond their comfort zone, which ended up creating amazing breakthrough moments. You can always count on Cindy to share straight forward insights, then coach around finding the shortest path to a solution. Cindy truly cares for her clients and shares her observations. I love her approach, it’s not often that a coach is willing to be so transparent with clients and serve them at the highest level of integrity

Milana Leshisnsky,